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From time to time, our employees share their opinion and impressions of the current news with representatives of broadsheets.
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Due to our work specifics, we by no means insist on writing reviews; therefore, most of our content clients keep in the background. Nevertheless, having operated on forums since 2014, we have gathered a substantial number of reviews from those clients who on their own initiative decided to appreciate our work level in written form. All the reviews are real, which you can check by visiting the source to the source by clicking on the domain address.


Consult us before making landmark decision.

Both in business and personal life everyone may face situations when he or she needs an advice, recommendation, and guidance on the matters at hand. This is more than obvious if you decide to turn to competent specialists for solving your issues.

We are competent in the following issues:
Table 1. Legal matters.

Contacting with the law is an extremely delicate matter; an inexperienced person can easily mess things up when contacting with authorities on one matter or another. And it goes not about problems only, but about daily issues as well.

Table 2. Online and offline security.

Unfortunately, even quite successful Darknet representatives lack a competent understanding of security matters, to say nothing of those who are out of careful attention of the justice. You may not bother about security matters, either online or offline, only up to the day when you regret that you haven’t paid due attention to this issue.

We will provide assistance in optimizing gadgets and anonymizers performance, in patching security holes, in performing cash-out transactions and much more.

Table 3. Criminal matters.

Through the Russian history and up to now, a criminal component has been making a significant impact on many life spheres; when you encounter it sooner or later, you’d better have another consultation about certain situations.

Table 4. Financial matters.

We will find the best solution to financial issues. Regarding cashing-out, laundering, transportation, cost optimization, and much more.

Table 5. Relationship building within a team and society.

People differ, and everyone needs a specific approach. Some people can be attracted by money and others – by an idea; some are responsive to moral pressure and others – to physical. Without the fluff and populism, we will provide you with working methods of influencing people that have proved their applicability in practice.

Thanks to many years of experience in dealing with a great variety of people and companies, we have accumulated a considerable amount of knowledge and practical experience in solving various issues and problems. We can easily consult you on both entirely business matters and general everyday issues.